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 From  thegamesthief Tales From Retail:

I work at a friendly local game store, we do tabletop games, ttrpgs, that kind of thing, and we have a really strong community of awesome people who game here regularly. With that out of the way, my story:

It's a really, really slow Sunday, nothing has happened all day, and I've been doing homework most of the day, with nothing else to do until a family of 3 walks in. It's a fairly young couple and their daughter, probably 5 or 6 years old. They look around for a while, I give the usual "let me know if I can help" and that stuff. About 10 minutes into them getting here, with me working on other things, the daughter (DT) and the dad (DA) have this conversation with me (ME)

DT: That man (pointing at me) needs a hug daddy. Hug him.

DA: Well as nice as that is honey, I don't know him very well, he may not want a hug from somebody he doesn't know.

ME: I love hugs, and I normally would say yes, but your dad is right, I don't usually want hugs from people I don't know

DT:(now visibly sadder) oh. Ok. I'm not going to make you hug my daddy if you don't want to... But if you need one, let us know!

And they both just kept on looking around the store for a while, ended up getting some dice, and as they were leaving, the little girl turned to be and said "I hope you find someone to hug you!" And left with her parents.

It was easily the nicest thing that's happened to me working retail ever, even working at an amazing shop like this one.













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