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Meanwhile at Costco



From vmedell88: The woman pushing the cart is blind. The man right next to her repeats every single thing he sees; What’s on sale, the brands and styles. I heard her say while choosing bath towels “ Please get me two white ones, I love the color white”... let us cherish the small gift that is eyesight!







Kai Lowell

Aw, that's sweet. <3


I second that: "let us cherish the small gift that is eyesight!"

I volunteer with a craft group, teaching the craft. We REQUIRE everybody to wear safety glasses. I've heard every excuse, but I just put my foot down. Recently I (good humoredly) read one fellow the riot act because his glasses had slipped down his nose. "If they're not in front of your eyeballs, they do you no good."

It's like other recent posts of folks disregarding their safety.

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