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Meanwhile At The Thrift Store: Zippered, Studded, Platform, Heels


So my Assistant manager came to the registers the other day to share a photo of some fabulous shoes that came in the door while she was on duty. Apparently the elderly lady (the imagery is hilarious IMO) who donated them hadn't worn them much, so they were essentially brand new.

I soon found them in my In-Bin.



Also, posted with her permission: my coworker having fun. :D We spent about 10 minutes or so laughing and being silly with them. These shoes basically boosted us up by 5 inches or so. I'll eventually have to price them and sell them, but I kind of want to memorialize them here first.

--Puppies In Prada




Those look like a whole lot of fun, but I would break an ankle just trying them on!


Yeah, Puppies is a lot braver than I am... both trying them on then standing on one foot. :P I'd break my ankles so hard my brother would fall over too. :P


I've just had a shoegasm.

Kai Lowell

They do look very, very fun. But having had both ankles repaired due to constantly breaking them just by existing, I'd have to give them a hard pass.

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