Automotive Hell: The Outlook Rule
Consignment Shop Owner Leaves Notice in Fitting Rooms For Shoplifters



You just know some asshole is going to come along and want the one at the very top.


Somebody in an electric cart is going to hit it and wipe it all out.


A kid will climb on it, and the parents will smile and tell the kid to keep going you're so special. The other shoppers will be filming the fall for viewers on their channel. Five minutes after the fall someone there will call an ambulance. The parents will be taking pictures for their Facetome page. People will walk through the blood spreading it through out the store. The ambulance will get there. The parents will finally think of the kid and bitch out the ambulance crew for the whole thing while preventing them from looking at the kid. Etc.


It's styrofoam coolers with the structural integrity of slightly damp toilet paper. They're not going to be climbing far. :P

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