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Misty Meanor here.

I thought it would be a while before I would have another story for you folks, but it seems that fate has taken a turn for the worst.  Not only has it affected me, but it's also affected my manager, who we'll call Michelle.
The night before I wrote this, I was on an evening shift with another co-worker who we'll call Jay.  I had seen Jay before and he seemed all right, but it wasn't until I worked a shift with him that I got to see that looks can be very deceiving.
Jay had been left a list of tasks to do, which included teaching Yours Truly how to brew iced tea for the customers.  However, the task was to actually SHOW me how to brew it, key word being 'show.'  Instead, what did he do? He just gave a vague description of the tasks required to clean the tea containers and how to refill the iced tea.  It was very vague and I couldn't keep track of it at all.  All the while, Jay was doing things like swearing even when customers were in the store, sitting around and playing on his phone, and most of all refusing to do other tasks because the computer task he was trying to do wouldn't work.  What Jay should've done was let the computer do its thing and check on it now and then while doing other tasks.  Instead, he sat in the office for the most part waiting for the support team to call him back.  Which they never did.
Fast forward to today.
I came in for my morning shift and Michelle was there.  As soon as I timed in, she asked if I was shown how to make iced tea, at which point I told her that I was not shown but rather briefly told.  It was at this point that Michelle started sarcastically praising Jay for not doing any of the tasks he was supposed to do.  After that, she started showing me how to make the iced tea and clean the containers.  Not long after that, I heard my general manager talking on the phone with a higher-up.  She was telling them that Jay had just quit on the spot! Or more specifically, via text.
Michelle had sent Jay a text telling him that he had neglected to do his tasks the previous night before, and as a result, was getting a write-up.  Jay's response to this was to text Michelle back saying that he felt the best way to resolve this was to separate himself from the gas station immediately.  Very inconsiderate as it is, but there's more.
Jay was one of the few workers who could work the overnight shifts, and losing him meant that Michelle needed to find coverage fast.  Unfortunately, the only other person qualified to do overnight shifts was in the hospital.  As a result, Michelle was doing her best calling everywhere and her District Manager trying to find coverage for the overnight shifts.
It got so bad at several points that Michelle broke down crying, which led to Yours Truly offering her support and encouragement.
Eventually, Michelle was able to find someone to work a couple of double shifts.  Unfortunately, the double shift worker is required to take a break in between the morning and overnight shifts, which means Yours Truly needs to start work earlier than usual.  So not only did this affect Michelle, but it also affected Yours Truly as well!
I'm hoping that the other worker gets out of the hospital soon and that Michelle can find someone to replace Jay.  Seriously, that guy didn't give a damn about anyone but himself.  I hope karma bites him you-know-where!
For now, may all your co-workers have consideration for others and be willing to accept their mistakes.
--Misty Meanor






Kai Lowell

Oof. My sympathies Misty, best wishes to you, Michelle and your poor hospitalized coworker.

Misty Meanor

Thanks Kai. We've got a new interviewee so hopefully they'll work out.

Kai Lowell

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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