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Monstrous Customers: “I’m not telling you how to do your job, but you shouldn’t talk so much”



From Angie-P, Tales From Retail:

I work on the register in a department store in Australia, today I was the only one on while my co worker had her mandatory break, there was a line, not anything worth me panicking and calling for help if I remember correctly.

This one lady was talkative with me and I frankly enjoyed talking with her, I was doing her transaction during it, I did stop for maybe a minute to focus talking and I know I’m at fault there, I was just really enjoying talking.

We say goodbye and the next person comes up, angrily puts her items down and proceeded to angry say how I shouldn’t be so chatty and that people where waiting and I shouldn’t be talking and it’s annoying and

“I’m not telling you how to do your job, but you shouldn’t talk so much”

I politely but bluntly finished her transaction, and felt pretty deflated, clearly the rest of the line heard her because the next lady told be to not let her bother me and what not.

Again, maybe I did talk a little to much, I can admit that, but it wasn’t like I stopped, sat down and had tea with the woman.







I can understand the customer's frustration, especially if you're standing in line and your back and feet hurt from standing in one place for a long time, it's very warm and you're holding a bunch of heavy things and the cashier is just standing and socializing with the people in front of you while you are trying not to pass out. There's a store near me that has a cashier that makes checking out become an excruciating endurance record.


This is why I like self checkouts. I can get my shit and get out without having to wait on someone burbling about inanities...

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