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From audoric, Tales From Retail:

I work at a college bookstore. Usually people are really nice but sometimes you get someone who thinks the world exists only to serve them.

A guy came in, headphones on, talking on the phone. He walks up to the register with around 7$ in food. I ask him how his day is. He ignores me, not even facing the counter.

Okay fine, he's on the phone, so that's not surprising or unusual. I scan everything and tell him the total. Hearing this, he sighs, then slowly rummages through his pockets.

This guys them starts lazily throwing crumpled $1's and change mixed with just trash on the counter. Clearly he's expecting me to sift through it and count it for him.

Okay, fine. It turns out to be only $3.48 so I tell him.

He looks at me like I'm trash then pulls out his card–oh okay. I ask if he still wants to use the change. Up until this point I didn't really care about his behaviour, but he then does this dismissive hand wave as if saying, 'yeah, obviously.'

Okay no, not obviously, but whatever. I pick up the change, complete the transaction and ask if he would like the receipt. He does that same damn hand wave again!

I tell him to have a nice day and I gladly see him walk out the door. He hadn't said a single word to me this whole time.

This wasn't some explosive display or a sneaky kon-artist, but the fact that he didn't treat the cashier as a human being with a life and emotions is just sad. Does he treat non-workers that way? Maybe...







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