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From nreppep, Tales From Retail:

So I’m a shift manager and today we had a really big project of setting up a new display for a brand. This woman came up to me while I had a ton of product in my hand and asked me what brand of product X she should buy to replace what she had at home. I told her, verbally directed her where it was (I couldn’t leave where I was since I had a lot of stuff in my hands and no where to put it) and she walked away to go look. About 20 minutes later she comes up to check out with my coworker and she has some other brand entirely, in fact it’s the brand she’s trying to find a replacement for. My coworker scans it and tells her the total.

Coworker will be CW, angry lady will be AL, and I’ll be Me.

CW: That’ll be $140.

AL: What? How? It’s suppose to be 20% off!

CW: Nreppep? I need you. She said this is suppose to be on sale.

So I walk over to the product shelf and there is a sign for 20% off, but it reads “20% off brand’s product Y when you buy brand’s product X”, and she is buying product X.

Me: Ah! Okay, ma’am, this actually says when you buy the product you have here, you get 20% off of their product over here.

AL: What? That’s false advertising! It says 20% off so it should be 20% off.

Me: Ma’am, it’s not false advertising because it’s not advertising your product as being on sale at all, but you get a discount on another product when you buy this one.

AL: How am I suppose to know? I’m just looking for the discounts! It said 20% off and I didn’t bring my glasses so I can’t even read the rest of it! That’s false advertising!

Yeah, she actually said that.

Me: I’m very sorry ma’am. Corporate tells us to put the signs out and we do, we don’t control what it says or where it’s placed. But it doesn’t say that this particular item is on sale.

AL: You have to admit it’s false advertising!

Me: It’s not. The sign says exactly what we are advertising.

AL: I’m still going to get the product! But you have to admit it’s false advertising!

Me: I don’t know what to tell you....

AL: Tell me you agree!


AL: I’m buying it anyway!

She goes back to my CW and pays. She leaves and I watch her throw it in her car then turn back around to come in again...I tried to book it to the office but I wasn’t fast enough.

AL: NREPPEP! Are you the manager?!

Me: Yes.

AL: Well haven’t you ever heard of the customer is always right?!

Me: Yes, but I can’t give you a discount that’s not even advertised.

AL: DON’T ARGUE WITH ME! It’s false advertising! It is! This is not how you treat customers!

Me: I’m sorry you feel that way but I simply read to you what the signage was advertised.

AL: Well this just isn’t right! This is horrible service!

Me: I’m sorry, but you’re more than welcome to leave.

AL: Don’t argue with me! I am right!

Me: Ma’am I’m not-


Me: I’m not trying to argue with you.

AL: YES YOU ARE! This is UNBELIEVABLE! It’s your generation! You don’t know how to give customer service!

At this point I’ve already rolled my eyes and thrown my hands up at her last statement.

Me: Alright, I’m done here. You can leave.


Me: Yup.

The end. She hasn’t returned yet. But there’s always tomorrow.









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