Customer Rejects: Chocolate Bar Wars
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Monstrous Customers: "M'am Im sorry we cant take goods you've already consumed"



From unipornz Tales From Retail:

Tl;Dr: (or what ever it is) lady bought, opened, and took a bite out of 2 candies and then asked me to trade them out because they were damaged. After telling her I could not do so, she took 2 new candies and told me to figure it out and left.

Sorry the stroies. Long I am bad at this and I'm just mad rn

So I work in a small gas station in a small town, so most of my customers are regulars or people that live near by who stop for the occasional snack, with the few exceptions of people who are lost in the hick back woods of upstate NY. There is also a much larger gas station across the street that has a bunch of hot food options and ect. Our station closes at 11 and the second shift is a lone cashier vs the day when the mangers around. Also we have it so that you can 'pump then pay' and when a customer starts pumping there a high pitched beep to approve it and then a low beep when they need to come pay. So theres the back ground.

Now I have many a tales of "seriously dude" but today I am just dumb founded.

So today an older woman -mid 50s- come in the store and we will call her MC (main customer) and I will be A (attendant)

There are 2 other customers in the store at the lotto machine when MC comes and immediately notices the Charleston chews gathering dust by the door. She excitedly pick up 6 of them and explains how she's been looking for these and how she usually goes to the 'good gas station' but had a 'feeling' about today.
So I sell her the product and tell her I'm happy we could help and that I hope she has a wonderful day. All with a smile on my face. When she leaves I tend to the next customers and we chuckle at how excited she was about the candy. Then these customers leave. And then 2 pumps beep to be approved and 2 more beep to be paid.

The customers come into pay and the beeping doesn't stop until you ring the sale up so the other pump was beeping in the back ground. Then MC comes in with 2 fully unwrapped Charleston chews both with a bite taken out of the end.

MC: I'm echanging these they are melted and won't come out of the wrapper

A: okay ma'am just a moment while I finish with these customers (while also thinking to myself that I can't switch them out because they been eaten and are clearly not in the wrapper)

MC:grabbing 2 new candies, okay well I'll just be on my way now

A: m'am I'm sorry just one moment I don't believe that we can exchange them because they've been tampered with

MC: oh no it's alright just put them in damaged goods

A:( while still ringing out customers) m'am we don't have one of those and you've clearly eaten part of these

MC: we'll have fun figuring that out leaves with the new product

So I had no choice but to buy them with my own money and printout the receipt and leave a note for my manager with the situation. I do that know what he's gonna do but I'm pretty sure I won't be reimbursed as usual. I just can't believe the audacity if some people.











Knowing how a manger of a fast food joint was. I spit my half chewed bite of hamburger into the wrapper, and put it all back into the bag. I went back after work and she opened the wrapper and dug through the spit out food to see that I was returning the whole wrong made burger, just so I could get credit for the burger next time I went there for lunch. I knew she would say I ate a bite if I didn't return the chewed bite and not give me a credit. Lesson always return the chewed spit out part too even if it is gross.

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