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Retail Feel Good Moment: The Lost Photo



From General_Gator,  Tales From Retail:

I’m just doing my job during the slower times of the day and cleaning up some of the shops and running clothes and accessories to where they should be after customers move them around.

In the midst of me doing the running I spot a photo on the ground, it looked like an older photo, like it was taken years ago. I pick it up and take a quick look: it was a older man, looked to be in his 70s at the time, and he is laughing and looks to be very happy, upon this I radio to my manager and inform him I’ve found someone’s lost photo and I’ll be leaving it at the registers.

Couple hours go by and I’m now in the fitting room, getting clothes ready to go back to the floor to be put on display after people have tried them on and said no, when this lady (L) with her son comes in.

Me: Hi! Are you looking to try anything on right now?

L: Oh, no actually, I was here earlier and am just wondering if I can check the rooms to see if a picture I lost earlier is here.

Me: Oh, was it a picture of an older gentleman laughing?

L: Yes! That’s exactly it!

Me: Yes I found it earlier today, let me grab it for you!

I quickly go and get the photo for her

L: Oh my goodness thank you so much!

Me: You’re very welcome! It is a very lovely picture.

L: Thank you, It’s my father, he recently passed away and this is on of my favourite photos of him, I was hoping to get a new copy of it to put in my wallet.

Me: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you can get the wallet photo.

L: Thank you.

The lady left with her son and she seemed to be tearing up. It made me smile to know that I possibly saved a cherished memory for someone and made someone happy.











Double U Gal

That's a beautiful happy ending, great story!!

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