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Carolanne 005

From  Amezzeray, Tales From Retail:

So I'm a supervisor in a smallish grocery store. There was only 2 of us on so during a quiet period I took my colleague off for a break and manned the till. This exchange happened as I'm scanning and bagging (M = me. C = customer). This lady, a customer who IS NOT one of our regulars, had 3 small children with her.

M: So how are you today?

C (while trying to stop the kids touch the counter stock): Not my best day today.

M: Oh no! That's a shame.

C: People just won't stop hassling me today. I have 3 kids, my fella is away for work and people just won't stop calling me and knocking on my door and... do tell me if I'm boring you.

M: Never you mind (I hold my arms out) rant away at me!

C: It's just... Do you know what it's like to try and please everyone? To smile until your cheeks hurt? (Voice raising quite a bit now) To be polite to absolute inconsiderate... ignorant ... IDIOTS?!?!?!

I look at her and look down at the till, look up at the shop...

M: Well... (Pointing at the surrounding area)

She bursts into laughter, then after a couple of seconds I can't help but chuckle.

As she's paying:

C: Oh thanks for that! I needed a laugh and you've brightened up my day!

M: Glad to help (big effing grin on my face)

Thought this was a worthy one to use as my first entry onto this sub. Exchanges like this are few and far between in our circle. And it's lovely. It's days like this that make me realize that working in retail isn't that bad (most of the time)

-- Amezzeray






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