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From MarxyFreddie  Tales From Retail:

I work at a convenience store and, today, I was at the cash register and two boys, one of them was around 11 years old and the other one was around 8 years old, came to me and asked me the price of some candy. They realized they're 10 cents short, but I let it slide. I notice that the older kid has a Barcelona jersey so I ask him (in French) who's the player on the back since it's World Cup season and everyone talks about football (soccer), but he just stares blankly at me. So I ask him once again and he just looks at me and then he looks at the younger kid. The younger one then tells me that his older cousin only speaks Bulgarian and that he's visiting for the Summer. So, the younger kid translates my question from French to Bulgarian and motions to the older kid to turn around to show the back of his jersey. So, the older kid just lights up with a big smile and he turns around to quickly show me the name of Messi. So, I give him a thumbs up and I show him my German jersey with Müller's name under my uniform and his eyes just lights up even more seeing that I'm also a fan of the sport. I find it amazing that even if we had a language barrier we were able to communicate with each other through the beautiful sport!

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