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Retail Heaven: Witnessing Brotherly Love


Carolanne 006

From  thelotchkeykid Tales From Retail:

A few days ago, a mother and her two kids come into my apparel and accessories store and look around for a while. The little boy is about 9, and the girl is about 5. After poking around for a while, they come up to my register and lay everything down: a hairbow, a little girl's watch, and a piece of candy.

As I ring everything up, the little 9-year-old boy gets out his wallet and carefully starts counting out the money.

The mom sees my surprised look, and she tells me quietly "He worked all weekend, and now he's using his money to buy something for his sister."

It was so sweet and genuine that I teared up. When I gave him his change, he even held it out to the little girl so she could pick out a quarter with a state on the back






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