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From  Ilickedthecinnabar, Tales From Retail:

Yes, another tale from my (now old) store's bakery!

Our cake decorator (CD) had put together this cupcake arrangement for a baby shower. The cupcakes were positioned and iced to look like a baby carriage and the icing was colored with white, pastel blue and pink. All together, it was a cute little treat for a baby shower.

The young mom-to-be comes into pick up her order, and while I was on the other side of the bakery, I could tell she wasn't happy, and our decorator spent around 20 minutes dealing with her and her order. CD came over to me later, exasperated, and told me what happened.

Mom-to-Be: Oh! It should have been all pink!

CD: I was never told this--the order just called for colors appropriate for a baby shower. <as she points out on the order form>

MtB: Well, I didn't think you would use blue! And the cupcakes should have been pink too! (This wasn't on the order form either...and CD is very good about getting all the necessary details while writing down an order and repeating the order back to the customer to make sure nothing was missed.)

It went like this for the entire 20 minutes CD was dealing with MtB, who tried to get CD to remove all the blue frosting from the cupcakes, although that would have messed up the whole thing and would have forced CD to start fresh. She then tried to get CD to spray the blue frosting with pink coloring and CD couldn't get it through MtB's head how this wouldn't work. All CD could do was add additional pink frosting details, and when MtB started to complain it wasn't enough, CD threatened to charge even more for her order. MtB finally shut her mouth and left with her cupcakes.

So, I guess bakeries need to to have ultrasound machines in the back so they know which color to use...?

-- Ilickedthecinnabar







It wasn't the decorator's fault,it was the fault of the mother who didn't specify pink!

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