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From CaliCat000 Tales From Retail:

Not my story, this happened to my coworker while we were on shift.

Anyways, this lady pulls up to the drive through and orders a little under $20 worth of food. She pays with a gift card. My coworker swipes the gift card and informs her, “your balance is now at $0, you still have 40 cents left on your bill. How would you like to pay?”

The lady (apparently) looks taken aback. Like my coworker had just slapped her or spit on her shoe or something.

“You seriously expect me to pay that?”

My coworker is like... “uh.. yes?”

I don’t recall exactly what the woman said in response to this, but it was something to the tune of, “I can’t believe I just spent x dollars here and you’re going try to squeeze more money out of me. NEVER in my LIFE ...” etc. etc.

Anyway, she ended up driving away. At our store, we don’t give customers their stuff until they’ve paid.

So basically, she paid almost $20, got mad about 40 cents, and then drove away without her food, after she had already paid.

We got to eat the food.









Carhop didn't pay anything. Whoever bought the gift card paid all the money.

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