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Retail Hell Memories: The slight of hand wizard


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From  Farwalker08, Tales From Retail:

I was working at a college bookstore who's name rhymes with toilet located on a community college. I am me and wizard is W.

After ringing up the transaction:

Me: alright your total is $$$

W: Cool I am paying with a card.

Me: Rock on, debit or credit (I am in a good mood).

W: Credit but it is my mom's card.

Me: Cool, but we need either the card holder or a written note from your mom plus a copy of her ID as a matter of corporate policy. I know it is stupid but my hands are tied.

W: Alright cool, I will just use my card. * palms his mom's card under his card and proceeds to swipe his mom's card in the reader while holding his card over it just slightly back

Me: * cancels transaction* Huh it didn't go through let's try that again.

Wizard repeats this have with me twice more.

Me: * leans closer to the wizard* Listen man, I respect what you are trying to do, but it isn't going to work. Do you want to put away your mom's card and try again or come back later?

W: What? What do you mean?

Me: Alright let's try this again

He pulls the same trick again and I cancel it again.

Me: Sorry man it won't go through, maybe come back later and try again and don't forget your mom or the letter plus copy of the ID.

He leaves and I go about my day of first week of the semester hell

-- Farwalker08











Misty Meanor

OK, that's clever, I'll give it that.

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