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From blackdeava, Tales From Retail:

This took place on a very busy weekend at my workplace.

I was midway through my shift when I noticed that someone threw everything off an arm on to the floor in my department. This is a very common occurrence at my work and usually it's people who want to grab something from the back or kids. For some reason I thought it was those pesky kids.

I was picking everything up and putting them back when I saw a little boy no older than 5 years old with his slightly older siblings and his mum. As they walked passed me, the younger boy bent down and started to help me pick everything up and put them back, without being asked or told by anyone.

His mum noticed when I was thanking him and said well done to him but he shrugged it off as it was nothing and something anyone would do(you would think).

Anyways, it made my day and thought I would share it.

Thank you kiddo and his mum for teaching him well.









Double U Gal

that's so nice to hear, thank you for sharing!

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