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From  nreppep, Tales From Retail:

I use to work at a low-end department store in the men’s section. My job was basically folding clothes, checking out customers, and clearing the dressing rooms.

So one night I’m clearing out the dressing room by the casual men’s section, and I spot a pair of balled up jean shorts in the corner. We don’t sell jean shorts. When I got closer, I realized they were damp. I picked them up by the belt loop - the only dry piece - and brought them to the cash wrap because I had no idea what to do with them. There’s a couple of guys checking out up there when I arrive, and they asked why I’m carrying the shorts the way I am.

Me: “They’re damp and I’m not sure why.”

Coworker: “I’ll give y’all 20% off if someone can tell me if it’s water or pee.”

Guy 1: “DEAL!”

This customer literally just started sniffing the damp shorts.

Guy 1: “Yep, it’s pee.”

-- nreppep




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