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From  aj9811, Tales From Retail:

This happened about 3 years ago, so the dialogue might be a bit rusty.

Preface: I worked in the outdoor lawn and garden center at a home improvement store that often had the "LOWest" prices around. Typical weekday evening, except that my closing buddy, was preoccupied doing closing activities.

Setup for the Day: Different sales on almost everything, everywhere!

Story: (About time right?) I was walking around, helping customers and performing my closing duties in between, when I get a call on my walkie:

Customer Service: Outside Lawn and Garden, please pick up.

Me: Outside Lawn and Garden, this is aj9811.

Customer Service: aj9811, we have a customer saying that his tomato plants are ringing up incorrectly. Can you please come to register 3 and confirm the price for us?

Me: No problem, on the way. (Travel to Register 3).

Upon arrival, Customer: This is ridiculous! The sign says two for 4 dollars!

Me: Hi, what can I do for you?

Register: These plants are ringing up 4$ ea, but the customer says that the sign says they are 2 for 2 dollars.

Me: Ok, no problem! (To customer): Sir, could you show me where you found these plants?

Customer: This is ridiculous! Fine, I'll walk you over to your own sign!

(We walk all the way back to the lawn and garden center to where the tomato plants are.)

Customer: See? Right here!

Me: Yes sir, the sign says "2$ each when you buy 2 of the (low ounce containers). You have 2 of the (high ounce containers), which are not covered by the sale. (Insert customer service smile)

Customer: ........ This sign is misleading.

Me: I'm sorry sir. If you'll look here at the sign, it mentions the size...

Customer: THIS SIGN IS MISLEADING!!! If you want to hang a sign here, it should apply to all the plants!

Me: I'm sorry sir, it appears that you just misread the sign.

Customer: (Whips out a pocket knife and begins sawing at the zip tie holding the sign.)

Me: (backing away because, well, he has a knife) Please sir, you don't need to do that...

Customer: (cuts through zip tie and the sign falls to the ground. He walks toward his car in the parking lot)

Me: Have a nice evening! (I walk back to customer service)

Customer Service: What happened?

Me: I'm not really sure. He got really mad when I showed him he had the larger plants that weren't on sale. When I showed him the sign, he got mad and cut it off! Coincidentally, do you have any extra zip ties?

Customer Service: Sure, here you go.

TLDR: Customer can't or didn't read tomato plant pricing sign. Wound up cutting off the display price because he was proven wrong. Sign was reestablished less than 3 minutes later after customer drove off.

-- aj9811






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