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From kpo987, Tales From Retail:

This is just a little one but I'm so angry at it I had to tell people who would understand. My mom was just diagnosed with potentially terminal cancer again a few days ago, so it's been an emotional time for me. I was thinking about it when I got called up to cash to drop some money in the safe (I'm a keyholder).

A lady was organizing her stuff on the register I had to go on. I had nothing to do with her and hadn't rung her up. I was doing my thing when she snapped "you're WELCOME!" at me and stormed out.

I have no idea what the hell I did to her. I suspect I looked less than happy and didn't talk to her but other than that I have no idea what I did.

My patience is real thin these days and would have talked back to her if she hadn't left while I was still trying to figure out what I did to her.

I wish customers would realize that employees are not robots and can't be on and happy 100% of the time.












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