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From Floofyboy Tales From Tech Support : 

User: "Hello, my computer is completely frozen, i can't do anything"

me: "Ok well please turn it off with the power button"

User: "There is no power button on my computer"

me: "That's not really possible. What's the computer model. I can send you a picture of the power button."

User: "Its a Samsung"

Me: "That's your monitor. What's the model of the computer"

... I hear background noise where someone seems to be helping the user

User: "Oh we found it! We found the computer's power button!"

Me: "Have a good day"
















Back in the 80's it was a real challenge to find a computer's power button. Since the power supply was usually in the rear, the power button was either in the rear or in the rear of one side -- three places to look. Of course, it was different on each device! Those computers were ungainly and sometimes it was impossible to get behind them, so you had to do this by feel.

Then some genius decided to use a rod from a button in the front to push a power button on the power supply mounted in the back -- finally you could see the power button.

Of course, this was when computers and stereos and so forth were typically beige or silver in color. Then some "genius" decided to make them all black. I've never understood how they expect the user to see black-on-black...


Cd drives when they first came out had to match the sound card you used. That was a super pain. I bought my first one as a Sound Blaster Pro bundle and you had to set the jumpers on the all ISA cards for your IRQ and DMA until all cards worked without IRQ conflicts. I was so happy when the interrupts were handled by the computer with the new PCI slots and CD drives interfaced to IDE. The video capture cards came out and the Bios added a reserve this memory spot for the capture card. That stayed in the BIOS almost forever and nobody but the old computer people new what it was in there for. Memmaker was your friend. You had to buy it. Computers have gotten so user friendly now I can't believe what a pain it was to change any hardware back then with an IBM PS/2. Even the mice had two operating modes, and the switch better be set to the right one. The switch on the bottom of the mouse would get moved and suddenly my mouse won't work fix it. Is the floppy drive single or double density. You have the wrong diskettes. That's the 5.5" floppy not a CD drive you just put your music CD into. Power supplies should have been made for 220V or 110V input only. Some people couldn't not switch the power supply to 220 and then "I don't know it just stopped working." Aargh a slew of nightmare memories. No more posts about this. Kill me.


Serial port communication with another piece of equipment. Get the baud parity and other settings right on both pieces of equipment right or nothing happens.

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