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From danhmooney, Tales From Tech Support

Several years ago I worked for a public school district. Loved the job. It was a place with good people and a mostly a great work environment.

As with any workplace, some people are more stressed than others. It seemed only natural that one of the more stressful environments came from the special education department.

One one occasion a teacher came into my office in panic mode, nearly crying, because the computer that she needed for a parent meeting wasn’t coming on and time was running short before her meeting. A student had been on the PC that day and she was convinced that it was now FUBAR. She had checked all the cables to see if anything was loose.

We had hundreds of these old computers so i had seen just about every that could go wrong with them. On this particular model (an old IBM), occasionally the PSU would need to be reset. You could do this by flipping the switch on the back of it from 110 volts to 220 volts then back to 110. Then the computer would come up perfectly normal.

I entered the room and sat down with the desperate teacher hovering over me, reached around to the back of the computer, checked the cable and flipped the switch. She did not see me flip it, just that i checked the power cable like she had done so many times before.

Knowing that it would come on, i decided to have just a moment of fun. I put my hands together as if to pray, lowered my head and reached my hand out to top of the monitor. I convulsed just slightly and did what i can only describe as a Benny Hinn impersonation. Raised my head and hit the power button.

The PC clanked to life and the teacher’s mouth dropped nearly to the floor. I got up from the desk, faked being a little out of breath and just nodded to her.

BTW, this was a small enough place that we all knew each other pretty well and i had a good working relationship with this teacher. So, when the story started to get out, I came clean about the actual issue and everyone including her got a good laugh out of it.

TL;DR : I convinced a teach that I fixed her dead computer by the laying on of hands!!






What usually happens to me is that someone will call me over to their desk because their computer isn't working right. And as I work up, as if by magic, it starts working right.

I keep telling them that it's because I'm so smart, when I walk by, other people get smarter.

It's happened so often they're starting to believe me.

(Sometimes, I'm so smart that if I talk to you on the phone, you get smarter, too.)

Kai Lowell

I have the same effect on other people's technology. It can be throwing utter shitfits, and the instant I get there to have a prod at it, it shapes up and starts behaving again.

Now if that only worked on my _own_ technology...

I know it better

BROTHER! :) :)
I'm the same. Either my presence is enough to fix problems, or in more stubborn cases a magical healing touch is required. Many co-workers saw this in action..

Kai Lowell

It's a hoot seeing their faces isn't it? :D

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