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From GreenEggPage, Tales From Tech Support:

I get a call from a large medical office that I support complaining that their internet is down. Take a look remotely and confirm that they are dark, hop in my van and head 15 minutes down the road. I fly into the parking lot and immediately notice a boring machine sitting in the bar ditch. I walk out, look at the little flags, one row of which had been planted by our ISP.

I look left, there's the boring machine. I look right there's a pile of dirt. I look at the flags marking a straight line betwixt the two. Wander on down to the workers.

"Hey, I think you guys might have bored through our cable connection."

Worker 1 looks at the flags and the machine and the dirt pile, looks back at me and says, "you're probably right."

Worker 2 waddles up and asks what's going on. I repeat myself. "Nah. Couldn't have been us."

Oh, I'm sorry - it must have been a MUTANT GOPHER FROM THE NUCLEAR BOMB PLANT 20 MILES AWAY, huh?

After another one of those incidents, they finally decided to spend $35 a month on a backup internet connection (Internet Insurance is what I call it.)









Misty Meanor

Apparently, to be a construction worker, you need to be an idiot.

My father once tole me that possession of contrator's license is absolute proof of both incompetence and corruption. (He was a licensed contractor.)

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