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Tech Support Hell: "Soundproofed"


4 call center skullFrom NepNep!

Back when I worked at BestBuy's Geek Squad (Counter Intelligence Agent) this contractor dude came in on his lunch break with his personal gaming rig, some Dell tower with all the bells and whistles of the time.

He said that after he soundproofed it (wut?) it worked for three hours and then quit on him. According to him it would try to post, beep a few times, and then conk out.

So I popped 'er open... to find that his "soundproofing" solution was to fill the damn chassis with expansion foam.

The poor PC cooked itself with its own heat. Not even a Dell deserved that fate.




Kai Lowell

I'm pretty sure I just emitted a shriek so high-pitched it made dogs howl in Africa.


Is that what that was? Dang, my ears are still bleeding..

"Doesn't work at all" is an effective soundproofing, but not so good for usability...


Damn...that's worse than I was expecting when he said "soundproofing".

Kai Lowell

*offers tissues for the ear bleed*

For what it's worth, everyone I've showed this to has had pretty much the same reaction.

Misty Meanor

Some people should not own computers!


Mine was 'Ha ha, you dumbass.'

Double U Gal

Oh my Glob! That's as funny as someone trying to physically put a credit card into their cd drive, etc. Jajaja, kikiki!

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