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2 call center storyFrom nagol93, TalesFromTechSupport

A while back one of my clients requested all their computers update automatically on schedule, not a problem. Also they are very specific and set-in-stone about the process, kinda annoying but still not a problem........ Until this conversation happened (also im paraphrasing).

Client: "So this needs to happen on Wednesday night" (What im not telling you is the 10 emails a day im getting about the importance of it being on Wednesday.)

Me: "Ok, how about 9pm?"

Client: "Errr... some people work that late. Can you push it later?"

Me: "What about 11pm then?"

Client: "hmm.... its a bit later but can it be later?"

Me: "11:30pm?"

Client: "Later? Some people remote in late when there on vacation"

Me (internally): "Actually no, 11:30 is physically the latest time possible for Wednesday. Because 12am is Thursday" (system likes 30min marks)

Me (externally): "We can make it early Thursday mor--"

Carolanne computer 2Client: "WHAT!?!?! Havent you been paying attention to what weve been saying?? It HAS to be on WEDNESDAY!. Why cant you make it happen at like 2am WENDSDAY?!?"

Me: "You want it 2am..... on Wednesday?"

Client: "Yes"

Me: "ok, 2am Wednesday morning. On Wednesday"

Client: "Yes! Thank you"

---I do the thing and on Wednesday at about 10am this happens ---

Client: "Nagol93!!! Why did the computers update last night!?!?!? I thought we agreed on 2am!!!!"

Me: "We did agree on 2am WEDNESDAY, and I set it for 2am WEDNESDAY, and it happened at 2am WEDNESDAY. Its now 10am, 2am was this morning."

Client: "NOOOO! Wednesday night ends when we come into work on Thursday. NOW FIX THE THINGS!!"

Me (internally): "My god, this person actually dosnt know how to tell time.........."

Me (externally): "......... ok"

Fast forward a few months, to this vary day. The updates happen on Thursday at 2am, but you have to call it "2am Wednesday" or else the client gets mad and starts yelling. All attempts to explain to them that they actually mean "2am Thursday" have been unsuccessful.





I couldn't even talk with that guy anymore. Dumb A**.


"There are TWO 2ams on Wednesday! Wednesday is very special!" Dumbass.


And...that's when you start blaming stuff on the computer, just to force the customer to be on the same page.

"Ok, well the computer was told 2am on Wednesday so it updated this morning. In computer time, the day rolls over at midnight. So to make it update when you want, we have to tell the computer to actually do it at 2am Thursday. This will make it update at 2am at night after everyone has left on Wednesday."

And then you continue to talk to them like a toddler until they stop acting like one. :P


I smell marketing in this. They are somehow the most talismanical about verbiage. Long live the neologism!

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