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I used to work IT in a retailer. Best story by far was when a lady tried to return a laptop because "it didn't turn on".

Me: Hi, how can we help you?

Lady: I bought this yesterday and it doesn't turn on. I just want to return it.

Me: Okay ma'am let me check it out. Do you have the charger for it?

Lady: I don't know what you mean, how would I even charge it.

Me: *asks lady to see the box.* (She brought back everything to return the laptop)

The charger was untouched in the little side compartment of the box. I asked her if I could plug it in, and when i did the Dell logo popped up immediately.

Me: Sometimes computers do not come pre-charged and you have to plug them in to power the battery.

Lady: Well, Your sales people should really tell people that they need to plug in the computers before they can use them.

She took all of her things in a pout and left.

I always thought chargers were a common knowledge (especially someone who looked relatively young)?




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