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Near us some guy driving down the highway while on his cellphone drifted across the road and then all of this.
1. Took out a road sign while going over a raised manhole.
2. Hit the wooden utility light pole with the center of the bumper and hood.
3. The light pole flew up and hit at it's center the fire hydrant's top.
4. The pole broke in the middle and the top half again flew a distance.
5. The hydrant broke off and the live wires were in the shower.
6. The guy's car goes over a side road, and then plunges down a steep slope to the marsh.
7. He broke off a motor mount
8. The car goes up the other steep embankment and stops just short of the highway.
9. The cops come.
10. The electric gets turned off.
11. The car and him get a tow ride.
12. The bottom 14 inches of the light pole were shredded to the ground sticking up like a buried broom.
13. He was not carted off to jail or hurt as he had walked over to us and then interacted with the cops and then the tow truck driver.

This was something you never expect to actually happen, and it was funny as perdition. It happened in the last 10 years.

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