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1 bad retail slavesFrom Malikissa, TalesFromTheCustomer

So some friends of mine make custom leather goods and asked for my help running a booth out of state. Sure! So, they book a suite, 3 beds, 6 adults, and we get... 4 towels.

Now, hotel towels are tiny, and I use one towel for my hair, so, that usually requires a polite request, but... seriously, we book for 6 adults and get 4 towels? So far, every day has been a fight to get fresh towels, with the front desk staff getting progressively ruder. We are also completely unable to request a few new towels and reuse our old ones, as both the front desk and housekeeping insisted that we return the used towels before we could obtain new ones.

As one of the people asking for two extra towels, I can confirm my conversation went like this.
Me: "Hi, I'm so sorry to bother you, but we are out of towels and need more towels."
NA: "What room are you in?"
Me: gave him the room number
NA: "You can only have four towels per room. You have to return the other towels."

I then left, returned the 4 wet towels, and he proceeded to tell me that he had no clean towels so he couldn't give me any towels and I would have to contact housekeeping. I pointed out that it was midnight, we has been working from 9:30am until midnight that day, and several of us wanted to wash off the dirt and sunscreen before we got into bed. He then told me there was nothing he could do and we could wait for housekeeping tomorrow morning.

Monday morning, our checkout day? The owner of the leather business gathered up last nights towels to trade so she could shower. The front desk guy told the owner that she "doesn't even pay for her room, her company does, so she needs to quit complaining."

... seriously, dude???

Hotel hellAfter this, it's time to check out. Obviously, we wanted to contact the manager. So... the business manager decided to take care of it this time and did contact the manager. The manager informed him that we were harassing his associates, that we were rude, and that we were clearly destroying the room.

The hotel manager, after informing our manager that our group had been rude, proceeded to contact the police and had them do a drive by as we were packing our things. He also refused to check us out until he inspected the room for damage, so we couldn't leave when we wanted to.

Our manager called the non-emergency police line and informed them that he was essentially being held hostage, as we were being refused check out by the hotel manager and we couldn't leave the property.

The manager then gave him a receipt and we left. About 30 minutes on the highway later, and I looked at the receipt and realized he never actually checked us out, as it showed no check out time, and no name of the person who checked us out.




Hodge Elmwood

That's ridiculous. Was that a chain hotel or a smaller independent one? If possible, I'd suggest complaining to the owner/corporate. Also you might want to put this story up on Trip Advisor. Sounds like they're short of towels and too cheap to buy more.

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