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My wife and daughter went to a drive thru last night. She ordered a dessert pie and sweet tea for her, and a cheeseburger kids meal for our girl.

She got to the pickup window after paying and the worker handed her the wrong order. Meaning completely - someone else's food, not just missing something.

Cashier began arguing with her that she did in fact order it, until she produced the receipt and said nope, she didn't. Oops.

They gave her what she thought was the correct food, but didn't take the wrong order back. She asked verbally that it is a cheeseburger, and the worker said yes. So she left.

She gets to a red light and looks in the bag. It's nuggets. Oh come on!

Back she goes. Gets through the DT again to the window, explains she was just there and was given two wrong orders and asks for the correct one.

She gets handed another bag. Looks in, it's a 6 piece nugget. Noooooo.... **CHEESEBURGER**

Asks for the correct thing *again*. Now she gets a cheeseburger! Yay!

Will they take any of the wrong orders back? No!

So we ended up with two sets of nuggets, one cheeseburger, one tea, one pie, and a breakfast order that was someone else's entirely and wouldn't take back.

Thanks, I think?





The rest is stupid, of course, but not taking the food back makes sense. No telling what you've done to it, so they can't re-sell it. All they can do is throw it away, so you might as well keep it.


Yeah health code regulations state they can't take the food back even if they just handed it to you for a moment. But hey, free chicken nuggets!

McHell Manager

Admittedly, I've only worked at two fast food places, but they both wanted the extra food back, 98% of the time. Not to resell, but just to throw in a waste bucket so it gets counted later on. One reason is purely for inventory purposes--we have to track everything and figure out why variances occur if they do. Another reason is to attempt at deterring fraud--A customer claims they received a sandwich that is made wrong, and if we just give them a sandwich and let them keep the first sandwich, they suddenly get two sandwiches now, one for free. So most of the time, if they come back right away, we ask for the sandwich back.

There are a few times where I have let the customer keep the item that wasn't ordered. Say, for example, we give them fries and they wanted onion rings and they are eating inside. I'll run out an order of rings to them and let them keep the fries.

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