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Was online shopping at a teenage Southern Cali themed store a couple years back and once I got my clothes in, decided I wanted to take a couple items in for a return. I showed up over Memorial Day weekend to the store in the local mall and browsed around.

Wound up finding a top I liked and went up to the counter. The woman starts to ring me up but then states she cannot do the return portion as she is not authorized. She calls over her manager who throws an absolute fit.

He refuses to take my return even though they are unworn, tags on, and within the 30 day window. He tells me to go to a different store since he will not process returns and continues to be hostile.

Completely confused and getting flustered I decide to leave and just do it on another day.

A day passes and I decide I need to get these clothes back so I return. A different manager begins to process it and then out of no where the schmuck manager from before appears. He starts screaming about how he refuses to process my very valid return and that if I won't leave the store he will call mall security on me.

Mind you I am 16 at the time and being quite pleasant. Customers in line start to stare, things get very awkward, and the manager just keeps yelling.

I ask him why he won't take the return when it is completely valid and he just won't cooperate.

Carolanne and victimHe calls mall security on me, to which this poor mall cop just looks at the manager and goes, "Really, you called me because you won't process her return?" and walks out with me.

At this point I could not deal with the insanity of this man so leaving with mall security was best.

I get on the phone with corporate customer service and tell my story. They are quite apologetic (although they only wound up compensating me with a 50% off coupon *insert eyeroll*) and explain they will talk to this store manager and that I am more than able to return my clothes to any corporate location so he should not have denied me.

They say I can mail the clothes back for no charge and a full refund (normally a charge for shipping, hence why I was returning them in person), but I decide to be petty and a few days later walk back into the same store and stare at the dumbass manager the whole time the return is being processed.

I don't know if he ever wound up facing any major backlash for it, but getting the satisfaction of finally returning the clothes to his direct store was worth it.

Side note: to the best of my knowledge, the reason he did not want the clothes returned to his location was because it would deduct from his sales for the holiday weekend. That or he just loved abusing power. Needless to say, never shopped there again




I know it better

Here, take a pro tip, free of charge: don't buy stuff you don't want or need (especially having the option of trying them beforehand), and won't have this problem there, or anywhere.

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