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Bad Customer Service: Got Everything But The Delivery Itself


2 RHSEPTFrom fudgeyboombah, TalesFromTheCustomer

The Likea store has only just made it to my country, and omg guys. Just. If I can’t fit it in my car, I’m not buying it.

I had purchased a series of furniture for my flat in another city. Didn’t assemble them until we got there - oops I made a mistake and got the wrong piece for one of the bits of furniture.

No biggie, online to order the correct one to be sent to the local collection depot.

I get my confirmation email, my estimated delivery date, and a reminder to collect email. But when I turn up at the depot, they’ve never heard of me.

Took several phone calls and a LOT of wasted time to find out that they never sent it at all - and then I had to wait for them to actually ship it to me.




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