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Background, I went to a big chain grocery store for some diapers that I forgot to get earlier that day, and I was kinda in a rush since I needed to pick up my child from the sitters. I only had the big box of diapers so I went through the self checkout lane and I made sure to grab the receipt. I even spoke to the customer service manager that’s always around and adores my child, we had a little chat and I headed for the exit. When I walked out the exit I saw an employee but didn’t think anything about it and went for the trash can on the far side of her to throw away my receipt. As soon as I threw it away, this was the conversation. I will be “me” and she will be inexperienced employee “IE” for short.

IE “ ma’am I need to see your receipt” (snatched my box of diapers out of my hand)

Me “ ma’am you just saw me throw it in the trash”

IE “I wasn’t paying attention, I need to see your receipt or I’m going to take these back.” (Rolling her eyes while expressing attitude)

ME (getting aggravated I grabbed the receipt from the trash, which was not even 2 feet from her) “ Here.”

IE (takes 3 minutes to examine the one item receipt) Okay I just need to match up the numbers on your receipt to your card number”

ME “ I’m sorry what? No, I just threw it in the trash, you made me dig it back out and it clearly has the product I purchased on there”

IE “ Well I believe you are trying to steal these so I need to see you’re card now” (in an ugly tone)

Now I was a front end manager for a huge toy store for 3 years so I know customer service and I know you can’t treat a customer like this, especially outside the exit door. Not even inside the store. I was extremely aggravated and was not getting my wallet out in the high traffic area to prove that was my receipt. I also happened to know the customer service manager at this location so I put on my manger face.

ME “excuse me? No I don’t have to prove that to you, I don’t have to prove anything to you. Your cameras will do that for me, the manager even spoke to me after I checked out. (I took the box out of her hands) I suggest you go talk to him and get a lesson on how to communicate with customers, because with the way you spoke to me you won’t last long here. You can’t accuse a customer of anything even if they have done something, you have to prove it first. And since I’m an honest customer you can’t prove it because I paid for it! Have a nice day ma’am!”

I walked away feeling kinda shitty but kinda happy about it, I hate that store, but it’s the only grocery store in our area.




18 Spears

What a jerk she was to you. I'm glad you stood up for yourself and read her the Riot Act. Don't let it ruin your day, you did well.

Misty Meanor

You deserve a Retail Balls Award!


I took to just rolling out past the Best Buy Elsewhere door trolls... "You just saw me come from the register ten feet away with the cashier handing me this bag. You don't need to check it and I have better things to do with my time. Bye now."


I checked out at the full service lane and paid the cashier, to go ten feet to the door where the gruffest old lady says "Can I see your receipt?" She has pissed me off repeatedly in the past, so I told her "I don't know what you can see anymore." "Can you?" and I walked out while telling her to go to the cashier 10 feet away.

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