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This story takes place at a local owned business in a small town. We never been and decided to try it for father's day. Everything is going smoothly until food comes out, everyone's is fine except my dad's. He had order a rib sandwich but instead it's clearly roast.

My dad looked pissed. It was obvious they just tried to substitute the meat without telling or asking, the reason I think this is because the manager immediately came over after all the food was sat down.

M will be for manager and D will be for my dad

M: Is everything looking alright

D: This doesn't look like rib to me

M: Well why don't you try it and see if you like it

At this point both my dad and his girlfriend try it and it's clear it's roast and not rib.

D: This isn't rib, this isn't what I ordered

M: Well would you like something else

D: No its fine, it's just not what I ordered

M: Here why don't I get you something else

D: No its fine

Carolanne axeThe conversation carried on like this until dad gave him back the plate and didn't want to order anything else.

M: Come on, I'm trying to help you man let me just get you something else

D: I'm fine

C: Come on, I'm just trying to help you

D: Fine let me just get a burger

At this point it's been probably a 10 minute conversation. My dad hates being pushed so he is even more irritated because of that and the fact the manager didn't hide the fact it was roast but didn't admit it either. Dad his burger and it's been about an hour since we've sat down. The manager says he'll come and see if dad likes it in a few minutes. He never comes to the table again.

Now comes the icing on tthis mess of a fathers day. We have only seen the waitress once, she didn't stop by for a food check and nearly everyone's glass is empty. I can tell that all staff is avoiding us like the plague. A different waitress than the one who sat us finally comes to get us refills.

My dad is completely pissed. We just decided to get the check and leave. We finally see the waitress who took our order and she gives us our receipt. They took off the my dad's burger and the drinks which made my dad a calm down a bit.

We give the waitress the card to pay and get ready to leave. She comes back and tells us another waitress forgot to put on the drinks. So she fixed it without telling us and ran the card. Without telling us.

I understand forgetting to add something to the receipt, but you inform the person before running the card.

My dad was pissed at this point. My sister and I decided we should go out for a smoke. 5 minutes later my dad's girlfriend comes out and joins us. 15 minutes later my brother comes out and in another 5 so does my dad. From what I got my dad went up to the manager and told him what happened and how my dad felt like this was bullshit we saw our waitress twice, they tried to give my dad something that he didn't order and all staff was avoiding us like the plague.





"Here why don't I get you something else"

"Sounds good. How about you get me what I ordered."

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