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Bad Customer Service: My Doctor Hit Me, After Causing Me Pain


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Saw some other medical stories so hope this allowed.

Also I am not looking for a debate. This was 13 years ago, I was an adult, I am completely comfortable and secure in my choice, am the mother to a fantastic 7 year old boy, and am still very pro choice. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way.

When I was 19 my birth control failed and I got pregnant. Due to a whole host of reasons I knew I was not ready to be a parent nor did I want to be yet. Deciding to get an abortion was the option in my mind so I called my OBGYN for a referral.

I know now that this doctor (Dr. Ass or DA from now on) is not only well known in my state for being one of the first to perform abortions but is well known in the medical community for being a complete and total ass to his patients. At the time I had no idea and was completely unprepared for what was about to happen.

I arrive the day of the procedure with my mom and after signing forms I’m taken back to an examine room to have an ultrasound and pelvic exam. Due to a medical condition pelvic exams have always been painful for me and I usually cry a bit. So after the uneventful ultrasound I warn DA that I might cry during the exam, that it’s normal for me, pain etc.

Lo and behold I start crying and DA comes up to my head and hits me three times rapidly on the shoulder and tells me to “stop that right now young lady!”

It was here that I noped out. There was no way I was letting this man perform an intimate procedure on me.

Carolanne Imma punch your assAfter the exam I asked the nurse if she could bring my mom back and I could talk with both of them. When I relayed the incident my mom looked ready to go nuclear and the nurse had that resigned look of someone who is 0% surprised about something. This was apparently typical for Dr. Ass. I said I wanted to leave and the nurse understood.

Before I could sign the required paperwork Dr. Ass came into the room and had the gall to tell me that I clearly hadn’t thought my decision through due to my “hysterics.”

My mom, ever the second wave feminist she is, started on a tirade about trusting women and I had to drag her out of there.

Two weeks later I had the procedure done at planned parenthood for half the price, with a kind doctor, and discovered Dr. Ass hadn’t even read the ultrasound correctly. He claimed I was 7-8 weeks when in reality it was closer to 10-11 so by the time I got to PP I was past the pill option and only had the much more lengthy surgical option available.

Since then I have supported numerous friends through abortions for one reason or another and I’ve done my best to praise PP and bad mouth Dr Ass every time. I’ll never report him because abortion providers are scarce in this country and very much needed, but seriously... F that guy.





What a horrible experience for you. Dr. Ass is aptly named. Glad it worked out with Planned Parenthood.

Kai Lowell

Jesus. Eff that guy, and thank $deity for PP.

Misty Meanor

You should've reported him. Scarce as they may be, he should NOT be practicing!

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