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Back story, I rent and my landlord covers all the maintenance of the places, but if something is under warranty like the washer, she will let me handle the call to get service to the item and she just pays the bill.

I called "company" to come look at the washer because it has stopped working, the washer was still under warranty. I scheduled for the service guy to come to my house at 1:00P-5:00P. Also had my number down for the secondary number, so if no one answers the first number (which is my landlord number, than they will call my number). I also had them make a note to just call my number first.

I got off work at 12:30P (hence the reason for the 1:00P schedule time). I made it to my house at 12:50, enough time to run in and lock my dogs up, and clean the house a bit before the service guy came. BUT when I got home, the service guy was parked (front of van facing the street) in my driveway, so I had to park on the street, and I walked in front of his van to get to my house. He was sitting in the van, I waved to him, and ran in the house to locked my dogs away. When I came back out to tell him it is okay to come in, HE WAS GONE.

He left a note in the door saying "Sorry I missed you, came at 12:45pm, call 'this number' to reschedule."

So I called the number and the conversation goes as followed: C for customer service lady and M for me I told the customer service lady what happened, and that he was on my property when I got home.

C: "Well it shows he did call the number that was on the work order"

M: "But he didn't call my number"

Jason okay thenC: "But he called one of the numbers that was on the work order"

M: "Than why ask for a secondary number if he won't use it"

C: "He called the number that was on the work order"

M: "Okay fine, than why did he come early 12:45pm when I got on my WORK ORDER that the service is for 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

C: "They some times come early if they are running early."

M: "I was technically here when he come so why didn't he come in when I waved at him, and he waved back?"

C: I don't know what to tell you, I can call him or another service member to come tonight, but if not then can we reschedule.

From there is was like talking to a robot, they took no responsibility for their worker. At this time I had no washer for a week due to them being overbooked, and ended up having to wait another week for someone to come out.

I actually called a number that the second service guy left me, I told him the story and how unsympathetic the call center was. I guess there has been many complaints on that one driver, arriving and leaving early from a service call, not putting the right part order in, etc.

I called and made a formal complaint to corporate of that company and to the actual company that had the washer warranty, and they both told me that they will look into it.




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