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Bad Customer Service: No-Show Deliveries And Two Days Lost


4 JasonFrom topclassthrowaway, TalesFromTheCustomer

Last week my family bought a fridge from a famous furniture store that we’ll call Likea.

We paid the $29 for delivery and were expecting it to come in any time in a certain 4 hour range, I believe from 1-4 pm. This is a pretty big range to be expected to stay at home for, especially mid-day, so my dad took off work to be there.

4 pm comes around, nobody. We called them at about 2pm to double check, yet nobody came. We’re pissed because we have family coming over within the next couple days and need to have everything installed and ready.

The delivery service people are not at all apologetic or give any sort of care in the world, gave BS excuses. Anyway we “reschedule” for the next day, same excessively large time frame, this time from 10-2:00 pm. We were called at 12:30 pm and were told that they would show up in 20 minutes.

2:00 comes around. Nobody.

My dad took off work again this day, meaning 2 days of pay are gone. They ended up showing up hours late, I wasn’t home but it was definitely between 6-8:00 pm. We weren’t offered any delivery refund, in-store credit, anything, just a fridge dropped off in our garage.

My parents aren’t the type to try to hold a company accountable for the money, they were just upset that the fridge wasn’t delivered in the proper times twice due to their busy schedule. We’ve gotten screwed over by companies before never to this degree.




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