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This happened *(mumble)* years ago. At the time in my country, tickets were time stamped, and thus whether you were going to the same destination in the morning or in the evening, you were charged a different price according to how full the train was expected to be at the time. It was all overly complicated and eventually stabilized into something simpler and not so time constrained. But this story takes place during the complicated time.

I'm about to take the train home from my university, but I was running a little behind schedule. The train was to leave at 2pm, and I arrived at three minutes just before.

The train is in the station, the doors are open and people are still boarding. I start rushing to my train.

An employee, whom shall be dubbed Major Asshole in honor of Space Balls, physically steps in front of me and says, "It's leaving in two minutes. You can't go on."

Meanwhile, his colleague is ushering someone else past the both of us to get them on board the self same train.

"The doors are open. People are boarding." I say.

"Yes, but they got here on time. YOU have to wait." I'm trying to circle Major Asshole, but he keeps stepping in front of me and blocking me.

The guy who was ushered past me jumps on, and the doors close behind him. The train leaves.

Morticia swordI yell, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" at a volume most Drill Sergeants would be proud of.

The colleague comes over to see what's going on and I tell her what Major Asshole has done. The colleague shoots this guy a death glare, then tells me, "Sir, come with me. I'll see what I can do for you."

Major Asshole actually steps in front of me again and smirkingly says, "You need to fix your attitude. We're doing you a favor by not charging you for another ticket for a later time."

I had to take a long, deep, breath to stop myself from doing something I'd regret.

The colleague takes me at a hustle-jog to another area of the station and introduces me to a conductor. The conductor is boarding a train that's going to the same place, but a little later. She shows the guy my ticket, then simply says, "[Employee Name.]"

This, apparently, explains a LOT, because the conductor goes, "Ah..." and heaves a huge ass sigh.

He stamps my ticket and has me take a seat on the later train. I got to my house with a phone number, and a list of names. (I requested the names of the conductor who helped me and the colleague who helped me, along with the real name of Major Asshole.) I had a talk with someone who was quite concerned to hear what I had to say, and was assured that it would be taken care of.

I never had another problem boarding the train at the last minute again. I also never saw Major Asshole again.





Aaaaand this is a prime example of what happens when you give an idiot a modicum of authority.


It's not just cream that floats to the top.

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