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Bad Customer Service: The Shrieking Employee


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Nothing much, but good lord, do we really not take enough crap from people in retail without looking for fights?

I was in the drugstore across from my shop on my about thirty second break grabbing a drink, new cashier sticks my stuff in a bag.

I say I don't need one.

He takes my card, makes a snorting noise and walks away (only a couple of feet, seemed to be wanting to talk to another cashier).

I blink, take my stuff out of the bag and start to leave, which causes this guy to start shrieking that I'm "not allowed to grab at stuff behind his counter."

My stuff bro, you took the money. Also, wtf.

Told him as much, he kept shrieking, and the regular staff looked like they wanted to kill him.

Did I mention I was was openly, and obviously in the uniform of the shop across the street the whole time?

Good lord.




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