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4 JasonFrom graciebels, TalesFromTheCustomer

I felt like an afternoon pick me up, and the nearest place to my work is one of those gas stations that sells all kinds of coffee; lattes, frozen, iced, etc. All the prices are posted on large signs over each of the "stations."

I make myself an iced coffee, and bring it to the front.

The guy at the register rings it up and says, "$1.56."

I tell him, "No, a medium iced coffee is 99 cents."

He gets all snarky and tells me, "No, it's a little more expensive than that."

I tell him that the sign says 99 cents, and he again snarkily tells me it doesn't.

The signs are huge, so I march over and point to where it says, "Iced coffee, 99 cents" and point to it.

He then just gives a big sigh, voids the transaction (making exaggerated motions the whole time and acting like I had demanded his first born) and gave me my correct total without an apology, or even an "oops."

I guess I was supposed to apologize for expecting to pay the posted price?




Misty Meanor

This wasn't by chance in New England, was it?

18 Spears

Good on you, standing up for yourself and making that clerk eat crow. (applause)

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