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I’d just finished my shift at a 24/7 Petrol station. I was driving home the long way to clear my head and enjoy the night as the roads are quiet at 1:30am. Then I realised, damn, I’m out of cigarettes and I could really go a nice treat.

So I look up on maps the nearest petrol station to me and it’s the same company as mine but in conjunction with another franchise too.

I pull up at the night window and fuck around transferring money for like 5 mins. Go to the window and stand for a while. I know it’s hard to see customers in the fridge while you’re stacking and I’m in no rush so. I wait.

And wait And wait I knock I wait I wait I knock again I wait.

Finally an associate appears and comes over. I say “hi I’m after cigarettes and two chocolate {specific artisan coffee brand}

She doesn’t hear me at first and again, that’s fine, it’s hard to hear through the night window but eventually she gets it. Cigs and two chocolate drinks.

A(for associate) “I don’t think we have those” -meaning the cigs. So I wait while she looks through every cupboard. Eventually she finds them and chucks them on the counter. Then goes to get the drinks.

She brings back two coffee flavoured ones and scans one. I say “sorry, it was the chocolate ones I was after” She looks at the bottle.

Carolanne cigar 1A-“These are the chocolate ones” now in her defence these ones are mochaccino, a coffee/chocolate blend.

M-“Oh sorry it was the purple ones I wanted, the chocolate”

A-“these are chocolate though?”

I just smiled at this point because she got kind of aggressive and I was still in customer mode after work.

A-dramatically sighed and slammed down the drink in hand “this is what you asked for??!!”

???? Sorry I was nothing but polite and you got the wrong product? Sorry for making you walk 10 steps to get the right one?

She then angrily took off the coffee one and stormed over to get the right ones. Now I’d had a pretty shit shift myself and literally just wanted a chocolate milk to make it better lol. I considered just telling her to forget it but she came back and slammed the new drinks down then told me my total. I asked if they did Apple Pay and she said nothing but grabbed my phone and tapped it.

Afterwards I realised she left the receipt and so I made an online complaint but honestly she made me feel like an inconvenience and a total idiot just for asking for the right thing. Even if I’d got the flavours wrong (which I hadn’t, it was her mistake) I don’t think her attitude and tone were proportional?

I was thinking about going back to the store and making the complaint directly. Is that overkill? I never make compliant because I work in a store and I know how they bring ratings down but she really deserved it imo. What do you guys think?




18 Spears

Complain directly. If she did it to you she's done, and will do, it to others. Her reaction was completely uncalled for. If it was an isolated incident she'll get a chewing and that's all, but if this is habitual behavior she'll be shown the door. That is nothing less than she deserves. [****] rude people.

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