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Bad Customer Service: "We Don't Know Where Your Order Is."


1 bad retail slavesFrom trashcanhannah, TalesFromTheCustomer

My family had shit experiences with Likea as well.

We ordered 4 different sets of things; 2 bed frames and 2 dressers. Spent $80 on express delivery.

Never came.

My mom demanded a refund of the $80, which she got after a few phone calls.

While she was on the phone the customer service girl says to whoever was next to her, “Wow this woman is all mad lol.” and she fUKCING MOCKED HER SHE MOCKED MY MOM WHILE SHE WAS STILL ON THE PHONE!

It didn’t go over well. It was supposed to come may 26th, never showed up. Mom lost a day of pay.

June 4th: nope. Lost a day of pay.

Mom calls: “Where are my packages?”

They literally say, “We have no idea. They’re somewhere in Georgia."

Now the warehouse that the sets were coming from is in Orlando, Florida. We live an hour and a half away from there. What the fuck is it doing in Georgia?!

My mom was in tears because she was so frustrated The packages were supposed to come the next day between 11 am and 4 pm. She had to take off another day of pay.

Carolanne Argh 2The Likea deliverers were incompetent as fuck. They gave us a box that wasn’t ours.

Mom: "This box isn’t mine."

Deliverer: "Yeah it is."

Mom: "This box says Stephanie and my name is Nicole."

Deliverer: "This is yours."

Mom: "My name isn’t Stephanie and I didn’t order a chair."

He proceeded to ignore what my mom was saying (and brought in two more boxes marked Juan and Bradley, then taking them back out) until the very end when he finished putting all the boxes in and was scanning their barcodes. He picks up the one that said Stephanie.

Deliverer: “This isn’t yours.”

She just kinda smiled and sighed and said “yeah”

They sent us an $100 gift card... as if we were ever gonna shop there again.




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