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Bad Customer Service: We Jerked You Around For Days Because We Don't Have It


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I order from this company all the time and this is the second time this has happened, so after a few days my order was still showing ready for pick up same as before so I knew there was a problem. And then once I received the second part of the order which was shipped afterwards I finally contacted them.

Email - My order #123 has been showing 'ready for p/u' for a few days now I just want to see if there's an issue, I received the items shipped after that order today. TY
C/S - We're sorry blah, blah, blah... Can you please call us at 1800wedontcare.

Call - Same as above.
C/S - I see it's showing it hasn't been picked up yet, "something, something blaming the computers.." the estimated delivery date is in two days if it hasn't arrived by then please call back.

2 days later... no package.

Call - My package hasn't arrived.
C/S - I see it's showing that it hasn't been picked up, "another lame excuse.." and the delivery day was for today. We have to wait 48hrs after the delivery date before we can investigate.

48hrs later...

Call - It's been 48hrs and my package still hasn't arrived.
C/S - It appears your package was never shipped for some reason. Unfortunately those items are no longer in stock, we can offer you store credit.

Yeah, I got my money back, not that it really mattered. I just ended up having to buy the more expensive version of the item they were out of stock on. :(





Ugh, I had a similar issue with Amazon once. Showed as having been delivered to a chosen location for pickup, but they never sent a confirmation email with the details to actually be able to pick it up.

Had to go through contacting them three different times through three different people before they finally cancelled/refunded the order with claims like it had been incorrectly scanned out as being sent off for delivery but not actually left the warehouse, that I didn't have to worry about the wrongly displayed delivery status and to be patient etc.

Bright side was that I got offered a bonus credit voucher and free international shipping on my next order, so made sure to tack on a few more items to get the most out of it.

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