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From u/Muscle_mans_mom Tales From Retail:

I work in the garden center of a home improvement store. Yesterday, close to closing time, a mid-30s lady came in with three kids around ages 3-6, looking for some soil. Her children were running around rambunctiously, knocking things over, and I had had enough so I approached the woman. The conversation went as follows (M for me, L for Lady):

M: Would you mind rounding up your kids please? They've knocked over some merchandise.

L: They are behaving just fine.

M: *proceeds to show her a flower pot one of her children had knocked off of a shelf (fortunately not broken)*

L: I'm sorry about that. I will talk to my daughter.

The woman asked her daughter to stop running around and knocking things over. She did for a few minutes as the woman was asking some questions to another associate. Soon, however, one of her other kids started running around again. We have temporary barricades we must set up to block off aisles where associates are using forklifts and reach trucks. The child climbed over the barricade, so I asked him nicely to move from that area because it is unsafe for customers. The woman saw this and literally ran over to me, enraged.

L: What were you saying to my son?!

M: He climbed over the barricade into the aisle where I was driving a reach truck. I just told him it was a safety issue and asked him to get out of the aisle.

L: Do NOT speak to my son that way! He wasn't hurting anything.

M: Part of my job is to keep customers safe and it is store policy that only associates can be in aisles that are blocked off.

L: This is ridiculous. Someone will hear about this!

She left and probably went to the service desk to tattle on me. I've not heard anything from any managers about it, but I hope they don't get the wrong idea from her.










I think you haven't heard from the managers because they probably checked the cameras and she was letting her kids do dangerous things in the garden. You're being a better parent to these kids than their own mom and that's sad!


One moment please. I have to call the front desk and get permission to run over your kids before I can allow then in this isle.

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