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Neither a macaroon nor a macaron are cookies. They are a type of cake.


And a tomato is a berry, but people refer to things by their function, not technicalities. It's an individual pastry generally eaten in one or two bites. So, it's a cookie.

Kai Lowell

Cake, cookie, who the hell cares, it can get in my belleh.

Except the coconut ones. Can't have those.


Not to mention definitions vary by region. Going from Australia to the US it was confusing as bugger to find out that our biscuits are their cookies and their biscuits are more like scones, and a chicken burger is actually a sandwich...

At least cookie classification aside, it does give a good explanation as to which is which!


What the catnip is a chicken burger in Australia, then? A 'burger' anything here is a sandwich, generally with ground whatever the name is, default 'burger' being beef.


I've come across a place or two that lists a chicken burger, but it's not ground chicken, it's actually chicken breast. I'm guessing that's what BB came across. I want a Wendy's Asiago chicken club...


Here in Australia if it's in a round bun then it's called a burger. If it's between two slices of bread, it's exclusively a sandwich - it's a far more narrow definition over here.


Seems goofy to me, but anything that helps fight off the drop bears, I guess. :P

Kai Lowell

That definition makes perfect sense to me, tbh.

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