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From u/uffdah17 Tales From Retail:

I’d been a manager at a big chain bookstore for a couple of months, and part of my position required taking care of the travel book section. One day I was shelving a cart of Europe travel books and specifically put away a book on Poland right next to three or four other books on Poland.

Fast forward ten minutes. I’m working at the service desk, and a customer comes up and asks for books on traveling to Poland.

Me: Yes! I know for a fact we have a handful of titles on the shelf because I just saw them a few minutes ago. Let me show you. (Starts to leave desk)

Cust: (angrily) No! I just looked. There are no Poland books on the shelf, so don’t waste my time. Just look it up on the computer.

Me: Oh, I’m sorry you didn’t see them—I know the layout of that section can be confusing. I literally just had my hands on them. I’m happy to go grab them—

Cust: Are you even listening to me? Just look them up!

Me: (reluctantly starts typing) Um, ok. I can do that. But usually quite a bit comes up with our travel searches, so it will probably take longer than if I just—

Cust: FINE! (turns on heel, barrels toward door with two kids trailing behind as he yells). If you don’t want to help your customers, I’m leaving. I’m never coming in again!

He left. I checked the shelf, and yes, the Poland section was still there.

Another customer came up after he left, apologized for the other customer’s behavior, and said she hoped his kids didn’t start acting like him, too.








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