Movie Theater Hell: A Ticket And A Receipt
Bad Customer Service: We Jerked You Around For Days Because We Don't Have It



I'm having trouble finding all the letters of "your" i can see the R is partially covered. where is the O?


Wow! My best guess was "Why don't you listen enough?"

It's eye-catching, and maybe that's all they wanted.


Yeah, Fluffychicken is incorrect. There's a D in there. Unfortunately, at that point my eyes exploded and I am typing by memory on the keyboard...


Nah I'm pretty certain Fluffy Chicken is correct.

Using my CSI(TM) enhancement software, I'm able to see a hidden e beside the W, and a skinny skinny brown o squished between the Y and the half hidden red R that looks a bit like a D.

Kai Lowell


*eyes glaze over*



It says "Fire me, I did too many drugs."

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