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From u/ZombieLolipop Tales From Retail:

Cashier at a large chain supermarket, etc.

So, a lady comes up with her kid and buys a cart load of stuff, about $80 worth, including a pack of beer. I'm iffy on her age so ask for her ID. I'll be me, she'll be AL.

AL: ID? It's in my car, I'm 34 years old! Are you serious? (please note she has a light accent, Boston?)

Me: Yes ma'am.

AL: I'm 34 years old, I have 4 kids. I have an emergency at home and you're going to make me walk out to my car and come back in for this?

Me: Yes.

AL: My kids are 18, 17, 11 and 10. This is ridiculous, I'm never shopping here again! I'm going to go out to my car and get my ID and then never shop here again. I have an emergency!

Me: stares

Me: That'll be $80.79 (or whatever it was)

AL: I'm never shopping here again, I'm gonna call corporate!

(she finishes)

Me: (smiling, barely containing my laughter) Have a good one~

I put her beer at customer service when she left, and I was hoping she'd come back and ask where it is so I could reply, "I'm sorry, I put it up, I thought you were never shopping here again."

A girl can dream.








A few years ago in my 50's with lots of white hair patches at a place that didn't card everyone, I got carded. All I did was take out the license for ID, because I'm still ready to be carded since I hit 18. Yes people I'm from the time of the saying "Old enough to go to war old enough to serve."

Misty Meanor

If you look under 40 at my place, we have to card you. That's the rule.

Kai Lowell

I kind of like being carded, tbh. I know I look about twelve - maybe thirteen if I'm growing my chinscruff out - and so it throws me when I'm NOT carded for stuff. (To be fair, though, it's only things like lottery tickets, not alcohol and the like - am always carded for that. I guess I radiate enough confidence now, because when we first moved here, I always got carded for lotto stuff...)

Burly Goontar

Old enough to serve: old enough to be served. I have three commemorative T-shirts that are 25 years old, now. Too bad I also have gray hair, reading glasses and a mustache, and haven't been carded in 20 years, darn it.

Hodge Elmwood

Arrgh that's it I can't stand it anymore, gotta comment.

She had an emergency at home but she stopped to shop for groceries and beer?! Sure lady.


Must be a sister of the woman who had a plane to catch and had to get to the airport, but had time to go shopping for things you couldn't bring on a plane. And then got mad when an item had to be price-checked because it rang up for more than she thought it should.

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