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From u/PoorCashier  Tales From Retail:

 Dear cashiers, please keep an eye out for such situations, you can get in big trouble when you act wrong at some point.

Had two young ladies and an older guy come to my register at about 9 PM. It's a common time to buy alcohol here.

Drinking here is legal by the age of 16, but only for wine and beer at that age. The harder stuff is legal to get at the age of 18.

Anyways, the group wanted to purchase some of the harder stuff; my register also warned me to check their IDs.

Me: Good evening then to the ladies Is the alcohol for you?

Lady 1: Yes, it is.

Me: Then I need to see your ID, please.

Dude: hands me his ID

Me: Great. Now the IDs of the ladies, please.

Lady 2: Oh no, he's paying for it!

Lady 1: We don't have IDs with us!

Me: Well, sorry, you said the alcohol is for you so I need to see yourIDs.

Dude: But I'll be paying for it! I'm with them, I can buy it!

Me: No. That's not how this works. As soon as I can determine that alcohol will be going to underaged persons, I can refuse the sale. Which I'm doing rn. Feel free to buy something else, but no alcohol for you guys. The ladies don't have IDs with them, so I can't sell you that stuff.

Lady 1: Wtf? You can't do this!

Me: Oh, of course I can takes the alcohol from the belt and puts it under the register, where a small cart for returns is Can I help you with anything else?

Dude: You're ruining all the fun for tonight! Seriously, screw all of this walks off in a huff

Me: Sooo...nothing else I can help you with?

Lady 1: F*** you!

Me: smiles Thanks, you too. Have a nice evening.

Some people really are frustrating when alcohol is involved. I won't break some laws just so you guys can "have fun tonight". Fuck such people.









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