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From u/retailtherapy6991 Tales From Retail:

I was on register last night in my department, and the first customer of the day is this older woman. She came up to the check stand and was normal enough at first. I noticed that she was staring at my chest, right where my name tag is. I realized later that she was trying to read my name tag, but my hair was covering it, and I didn't realize that at the time.

Well, we finish her transaction, and before I can hand her her receipt, she leans over the counter and literally swipes my hair away from my name tag, slightly tugging it, so she could read it. She said my name to herself and then goes, "Finally, your hair was covering it. I wanted to know who was serving me."

I got so annoyed at what she did and stepped way back from her, and just gave her a "did you really just grab my hair look?" She looked upset that I moved back from the counter, and was just giving me this really hurt look, like she couldn't understand what she did wrong. I don't think she wanted my name to complain about me, just kind of more of a power trip type thing, and it got me all out of sorts.

I said, "Yes, my name is (name). Thanks." Rather curt.

She just snorted and walked out the door. But like really? I've never had a customer do that before. I've had a customer ask me if they could touch my hair before because it's long and she was a hair stylist, which was fine because she asked but that just weirded me out, because the lady obviously saw nothing wrong with what she did. Just awkward and weird.










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