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From u/Scar_of_Talon Tales From Retail:

At this store, the deli closes at 10 and we must leave by 11 (the store itself closes at midnight). This lady comes by at around 10:45 demanding that we tell her where the bakery people are. JL is for Jalapeno Lady, T is for my coworker.

JL: Where are all the bakery people!?

Me: I'm sorry ma'am but I believe they have left already

(Bakery leaves about an hour earlier than us)

JL: Well go check

I run over to the bakery section and look to see if anyone stayed late but they didn't.

Me: I'm sorry ma'am but they aren't here right now, they will be when we reopen at 6am.

JL: Just fill out my order for jalapeno bread!

Me: I'm sorry, we can't do that. We're deli.

My coworker overhears the conversation as the lady won't take no for an answer. To try and just get her to leave my coworker agrees to fill out the order (he used to work bakery).

T: When would you like to pick it up?

JL: Tomorrow

T: I'm sorry ma'am but our orders have to have at least 24 hours notice.

JL: I don't care, just write it down and give it to them.

My coworker keeps on trying to tell her that he can't do the order due to short notice but she pretends not to hear him and walks away.

She didn't even get her bread because she never gave us her name, what time she was going to pick it up, a phone number, or anything. Apparently bakery was really frustrated about the situation (my coworker gave them the semi filled out order form anyways) and decided to not make the order.









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